June 26, 2007

Mac Apps

I have an array of applications which I use on a regular daily basis for fun, work, and to get specific things done. They range from office application right through to games, what exactly do I use?

Information And Organization

OmniFocus is employed as my universal to-do list. All tasks which enter my world are entered into OmniFocus so I can take care of them later. I like having a dedicated to-do application which allows me to clear my head and get things out of the way.

NewsFire is still my RSS reader of choice. I read over 100 feeds on a daily basis and NewsFire allows me to sort through them quickly and efficiently. I thoroughly enjoy the interface of the application and the way it manages my feeds intelligently.

Mail/Safari are two applications which I’m constantly browsing through to read and gather information, get things done, and waste time… Most of my digital tasks and to-do’s are generated through Mail, and most of them are completed using my web browser of choice, Safari.

Twitterrific is an application I use more than once daily..50 times would be more accurate. I’m constantly receiving updates from friends on Twitter via Twitterrific, along with using it to post updates. Twitterrific is by far one of my most active applications.


The Entertainment Bunch

yFlicks fills in as my “video manager.” Every video I download gets stored within my yFlicks library which is Spotlight searchable making watching and collecting videos enjoyable.

Delicious Library is used to keep a catalog of all my purchased movies, video games, and books. I have shelves setup for Xbox games, Playstation 2 games, and shelves for DVDs stores in different rooms. I really enjoy been able to see all my media virtually in front of me on call.

iTunes is one application I believe all Mac users (and most PC users) have open all day. I’m no exception. iTunes is open 24/7 serving, downloading, and playing media. I couldn’t live without this application, and that will become more-so once Apple release the iPhone which relies on iTunes to sync contacts and media.

Skype. No day would be the same without a rush of constant calls coming through, my days wouldn’t be the same without this application. I rely on Skype to keep in contact with friends, clients, and family around the globe.

How about you, what applications are you using on a daily basis on your Macintosh?

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