August 22, 2008

Need to sync your iPhone & iPod Touch with your Google Calendar? Now you can with NeuvaSync – it’s a new free service which currently in beta. You might be saying, oh – MobileMe can do this like fun. Not all of us have the disposable income to purchase MobileMe so this is a great alternative – after all, it’s free! So it can’t be bad.

This service uses a Microsoft Exchange account on your iPhone, and limitations of the iPhone is that you can only use one MExchange account at a time – so sorry for you hopeful business people with Exchanges.

Sign Up

First of all, we need to sign up for a Nuevasync account, and set up the link between your account and your Google calendar account.

After you’ve signed up and activated, you need to click set-up next to calendar, then select Google – then enter the Google id (email) that you have Google Calendar set up with. After this it will take you to Google and ask if you want allow Nuevasync into your calendar, accept, and your done with this side of things.

iPhone Setup

Now its time to set it up on your iPhone & Touch.

So go ahead, into settings > mail, contacts, calendars > add account >  Microsoft Exchange

Email: The one you used to set-up with Nuevasync, so enter it in there.

Username: Is the one you used on Nuevasync also

Password: Is the one you used on Nuevasync also.

Now, tap next and it’ll try to validate it. Now, because we aren’t technically using a exchange the email address that we’ve supplied will fail, so it’ll go back to the previous screen with a new field called Server. In here we need to put and then go ahead and click save. It will check to make sure it’s working and we’re nearly done. If it doesn’t complete verification, go back and check your settings.

If you’re settings are working you should be presented with a screen with 3 flick switches, one for mail, contacts and calendars, we just want Calendars for this, so go ahead and flick off the other 2.

Test it!

Go ahead and try placing a event into the calendar app, and then checking your Google calendar just a couple of seconds later. Bingo!

Understanding the .htaccess file
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