August 9, 2008

The Rumor

It’s the most rumored product since the iPhone hit in early 2007, but the MacBook Touch has had related patents dating back to 2003. You can visit almost everyday, and see that some new information from a “valid source” has been released. The most recent rumor claims that the entire MacBook lineup will see a refresh, and a new Mulitouch MacBook will enter the spectrum, all by the end of September.

Now, believe what you want but the chances of this happening by September are second to none. What we do know is that if there is ever to be a MacBook Touch, then the screen size would be at a maximum 10 inches.

I asked Jacky Liu, an incredible designer to come up with what he believed the Macbook Touch rumor could materialize into. Here’s what he came up with...


The Concept

Apple Mac laptop
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Apple iPad

“MacPad is a revolutionary new product that completely revitalizes mobile computing. It is an ultra-portable device with an immense amount of technology, and a tremendous amount of computing power. It is a fusion of the mobile experience on the iPhone, with the functionality and practicality of Mac OS X on the Macbook. MacPad is the future of ultra-portable computing.

The MacPad provides all the necessary features of an ultra-portable in less than 30% of the volume of the MacBook Air. Now that is impressive. Not only is the MacPad optimized for Intel’s Atom platform, it is optimized for your mobile lifestyle. Built-in iSight camera and microphone for visual conferencing through iChat, built-in 802.11n compatible AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, A-GPS, accelerometer and ambient light sensor, a Micro-DVI port and two USB 2.0 ports. This device can handle just about all of your portable technology needs.

The gorgeous 8” Multi-Touch display broadens every aspect of the iPhone experience through a completely new mobile platform, Mobile OS X. This is in essence the equivalent to the much familiar Unix based Mac OS X environment hidden beneath the full Multi-Touch interface developed for the iPhone. Applications on the Mac OS X platform can be applied to the mobile platform with no compromise, considering though whether the developer chooses to do so.


If you thought Remote Disc from the MacBook Air was impressive, Parallel developed for the MacPad will completely take your breath away. Once paired with a Mac through Wi-Fi, this application exclusive to the MacPad can be used as a mobile touch display wirelessly accessing your desktop computer. This means that you have complete access to all of the information and computing power when and wherever possible, without the drag from a device of equivalent capability.

If the MacPad has access to an assigned local network, it could very well begin to sync any updated information wirelessly to and from your Mac. Pair the MacPad to Apple’s wireless keyboard and headphones through Bluetooth, and you may be on your way to technology nirvana. Whenever you or your MacPad needs a rest, place the device on its personal, elegant desktop dock mounted with the new 50-pin dock connector to begin charging. While you take your much deserved break the MacPad not only automatically syncs any updated information, the device can also be used as a secondary display for your desktop. The possibilities here are quite endless.”

Jacky Liu writes a tremendous design and environment blog over at Please check it out, and look at his other well thought out designs.

Final Words

Obviously the MacPad concept has tons of potential.  I am very excited to see what will become of this rumor.  Only time will tell.  Who knows what will be in store when we get our hands on the real MacPad.

What do you think will become of the Macbook Touch rumor?  Feel free to drop us a line in the comments.

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