July 31, 2008

Is the iPod coming to an end?


​Picture by Ilmari Karonen

Back in 2001 during a press event held on Apple’s campus, a new product was introduced - the iPod. On that October day, the iPod gained alot of positive press, as well as negative press. Some reporters even went as far as to saying the iPod would be a bigger failure than the Newton introduced several years prior. But only months away from its seventh birthday, we can all see what a success the iPod really was. As of March 2008, Apple had shipped 180 million of the popular music player.

However, there has been concern that iPod sales are going to be slowing with rapid rate. I’m sure you are aware that Apple recently launched its newest phone, the iPhone 3G, and they sold one million phones within a three day period. That number is incredible compared to how long it took Apple to sell its first million iPods. In my opinion, its only a matter of time before the iPhone starts to outsell the iPod. Every iPhone requires a minimum price of $70 a month. Oh, you want texting? Make that $90. So every iPhone costs $1880 over a two year period.  Compared to a bunch of other phones with a two-year contract, its a deal.


Should we be worried?

The iPod will obviously be around for years to come, and its no secret that the next major transition is making all iPods with a multi-touch enabled screen. That in store, along with all of the great new possibilities it brings should lead to much more useful and intuitive iPods, along with another great platform.  Not to mention the rapidly growing collection of Applications on the App-Store, and the expansion of iTunes services. We shouldn’t be afraid. At least not yet..

iPhone getting the iPod treatment

When I went to pick up my new iPhone 3G back on the 11th, I was shocked with the lack of accessories included with the device. When I bought my iPhone “Edge” if you will, it came with an abundance of accessories including a dock, and a power adapter that could be used around the world using the adapters that Apple sells. When I unboxed my new iPhone, I found no dock, a cheap AC adapter, and a Apple-designed paperclip. If you can recall back to 2001, the iPod included everything from a dock, to a power adapter. The current iPod lineup only comes with a syncing cable, and headphones. Apple’s Bluetooth headset is also going slim. It doesn’t come with a dual dock, yet it still costs about $100.

Final Words

What is your opinion? Do you think iPod sales will slow in the future? Do you think the iPhone will eventually be striped down to include the bare essentials?

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