June 27, 2008

How many sites do you visit regularly?  I bookmark sites constantly and add videos to my favorites on YouTube on a regular basis.  All of these links tend to get very unorganized, and as as you can imagine I now have hundreds of links and videos to keep track of.  In order to make this task as painless as possible, I now use an application called Shelved.

Whenever you have a link you want to keep, just drag and drop it into the shelved window. It then opens the site within the Shelved application.  In the left pane of the application, you can easily add and create new “shelves”.  This provides a simple way to organize links quickly. You can also go into Browse>Browse With, and select a browser to open a given link in. You can choose from any of the browsers you have on your mac, and they are automatically read in Shelved.

As you can see I only have 2 shelves of Technology and News. Although it is easy to create more by clicking on the + symbol in the bottom, left corner.

On the right side of the application there is a preview of the webpage. From the top right corner you can select the shelf you want to organize the webpage on, as seen below.

If you are a common user of Del.Icio.Us, then this is certainly for you. Not only can you keep all your links in the same application, but you can also export the links you want to share to Del.Icio.Us. All you have to do is log in to Del.Icio.Us from within Shelved, and from there you can then choose what to export.

The folks over at ExtraZeal worked hard and made this app one of the best link organizers for the mac. The application is currently in alpha stages, and is available as freeware.  You can download it here.

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