October 8, 2008

ThinkGeek has always been a reliable source for your dose of geek. I ordered these speakers from them, and 3 days later they arrived on my door step. I was unsure of what to expect, as I had never heard of the company (Sonicum).  However, I had heard of the designer (Art Lebedev) who is well known for his work on the  Optimus Maximus Keyboard. After about 3 weeks of using these speakers, I am amazed.


These are some of the best designed 2.1 speakers out there. They have their own look and feel unlike the majority of other speakers on the market. Their shape is meant to mimic the standard audio-volume symbol icons, hence the “Iconic” name. The two satellites and subwoofer are made of plastic, but they have a nice soft black rubber coating to them. The speakers are very small at 10.5 x 10 x 8 cm and the subwoofer is average sized at 24 x 21.5 x 12cm.


For their size, these speakers give out impressive sound quality. Using NXT flat panel technology, the relatively small speakers are capable of putting out much more sound, and the subwoofer gives out a good amount of bass to compliment.  The speakers connect with a standard 3.5mm jack, so it is possible to connect them to your iPod or CD player.  They can handle any type of genre from a deep bass hip-hip to some nice classical, and easily get loud enough for a good movie.


•Nominal output power of subwoofer: 15 Watt, speakers—2  5 Watt
•Peak output power of speakers: 15 Watt
•Frequency range of subwoofer: 50–250 Hz, speakers—200 Hz–18 kHz
•Signal-to-noise ratio: 80 dB

Final Thoughts

While many other speakers make up for appearance with sound, these speakers truly sound as good as they look.  Their unique shape, quality sound, and fairly reasonable price tag of $70 makes this speaker set stand out from the crowd. I recommend them to anyone looking at buying new speakers for their desktop.

Think Geek – Sonicum Iconic Speaker Set

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