November 13, 2008

Until now, many assignments have left college students with a pile of books stacked upon their desks; sticky notes popping out to mark places of importance. In the twenty-first century this really shouldn’t be an issue. And now for Mac it isn’t thanks to Reference Tracker by Maklinware.

Getting Started

Image of a pile of books

To start using Reference Tracker you simply open it and click on the bright green “New Reference” button. From there you get a drop down menu which allows you to select the appropriate text that you are going to reference. There are a whole host of options to choose from varying from a chapter in a book to a article in a newspaper. Of course there is a generic “Book” option if you can’t find the exact template for your needs.


Below all of the information that you enter is the cited text field. So if you have some quotes that you think you will use in the essay or paper that you are writing, you can drop them in such that they are easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Sticky notes are an added bonus as well. If you have something that you need to remember but have no special place to put it, just open up a sticky and place it wherever you want it in the window.


Look Up

One fantastic piece of technology that Reference Tracker employes is the ability to look up a book using it’s ISBN (That is, if you can’t find the book through the publication search). You just type it in and Boom! All the information about the book is filled in for you – including a picture of the cover!


You can also sort your references into different groups. Once you are ready to print off your reference list, you hit the “Generate Reference List” button and you are given a tidy list to hand in with your paper.  Ultimately, this app cuts down your workflow, making it a lot easier for you to worry about what really matters – your writing.

Final Thoughts

Reference Tracker is a new piece of software for what is a very large market. However it manages to beat it’s competitors in one very important way that makes it stand above the crowd. Price. It’s $45. Good luck getting a nearly competent piece of software for the same price. Give it a try and I promise you’ll you’ll be tempted to buy it.

For a limited time, you can receive an exclusive $15 discount by using the following code.  It will only work for the first 50 people to use it, so don’t hesitate!


Malkinware – Reference Tracker

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