May 31, 2007

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Running is not something that really interests me. I play a lot of sport, but I just find running plain boring. When I saw that the Nike + iPod sports kit was being released in New Zealand, I started reading up about it, and running for points, setting goals, and competing in challenges sounded really cool to me (I’m a big stats guy).

I promptly went out and purchased a new iPod nano, Nike+iPod sports kit, and the stylish Nike+ shoes so I could get into optimal condition for the grueling cricket season ahead. The kit includes a wireless transmitter which plug’s into your iPod nano, and a wireless sensor which you insert into your pair of Nike+ shoes.

When you head out for a run, you connect the wireless transmitter to your iPod nano, put your Nike+ shoes on, choose which workout you wish to complete (basic, distance, time, or calories), set your playlist, and you're off.


While running the iPod’s screen will update in real time providing you details on how fast your running (time per KM), current distance run, and currently playing song.

If you press the center button while running a voiceover will start to play giving you all of these details without even having to look at the screen. This can be very handy if you want to keep focused and dont want to fumble around with your iPod. Holding down the center button will begin playing your preset power-song (this can be adjusted at anytime on the iPod)

Sound cool so far? Well you haven’t heard half of its abilities. When you get home after a run and connect your iPod to your Mac, it automatically sends details of your workout to the Nike+ website, where you can view all of your running history in a graph format, as well as create and manage your personal goals and team challenges.

It’s also very enjoyable seeing how your graphs look after going for a run. It’s exciting to see how your improving and keeping pace up right through your run. The graphs also display when you pressed the center button for run information, and when you started your power-song.

I’m still very new to running with the Nike+ kit, but so far it has really motivated me to get out and start clocking a few miles up. I can’t wait to see how it improves my speed and endurance, and competing against some buddies around the world.

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