August 28, 2008

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard


Microsoft’s new Sidewinder keyboard, the verdict…insanely awesome. Microsoft’s gaming products have been making a debut as of lately, most notibly with their new Sidewinder X6 keyboard and Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse. Microsoft isn’t exactly known for their gaming products, but it would seem that they’ve done their homework this time around.


The Ultimate Control

The new Sidewinder X6 is fully stocked.  With a backlit keyboard and a detachable number pad that can be programmed for up to 90 Macro’s, the X6 is always up to the task.  As you can see from the pictures, the final products looks awesome. Especially those volume & light controls, which set it apart from your average gaming keyboard. Microsoft said that they didn’t want people having two keyboards on their desks, just one for gaming and another for working.  The X6 is great for both of these tasks.

Precision At Your Finger Tips

The X5 may not have an LCD or adjustable weights, but it does an awesome job for gaming.  With a 2,000 DPI laser, five customizable buttons, and a Quick-Launch button for quickly opening your favourite applications, the X5 is easily one of the most capable mice on the market.  Microsoft is definitely taking a fresh attempt at gaming products, and their work is much appreciated.

Final Words

The SideWinder X6 Keyboard and SideWinder X5 Mouse are set to be released in Septermber 2008 (For the holiday season). Estimated retail is $79.95 (U.S.) and $59.95 (U.S), repsectively.

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