September 28, 2006

Tired of loading you default homepage to the web dozens of times each day when all you want to do is go to another site? If this is the case, you want a really fast loading page as your homepage.

The answer for most is, but today I found a super-fast alternative called Smplr.

Smplr is one of the fastest loading web-pages I have ever visited. The mili-second after Safari has opened in the dock I’m already displayed with the page, ready for me to type.

If you type a search term in the pretty blue box, you are re-directed to a Google search for that keyword, so it’s essentially a super fast gateway to Google.

Below the search bow resides a handy little table of websites sorted by categories. These links are to sites such as Digg, MacZOT, CNN, MySpace, FaceBook, and more.

My verdict: great if your on the lookout for a mini “hub” to the web with a search box and links to frequently visited popular sites. Check it out here.

Understanding the .htaccess file
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