July 11, 2008

Ok, so maybe that title is a little bit of an exaggeration.  However, there’s no doubt in my mind that when iPhone 2.0 software comes out in July, the iPhone / iPod touch combo will be become a viable computing platform when the collective minds of developers get moving.

With that in mind, here are some applications that I would purchase or start using the instant they become available.

WiFi scanner

I really do use my iPod touch as a portable computer, either on my university campus or while on vacation. Throughout my journeys, I’ve been ecstatic to find open WiFi networks available to hop on and do a quick Google search. If you’ve ever used the iPhone or iPod touch (let’s make this easier and assume that iPhone also means iPod touch) as a network scanner, you’ll know it’s not exactly optimized. A dedicated scanner application would make searching for networks much easier and convenient.  It would also save you money because you wouldn’t need a dedicated pocket scanner.

Unit converter

This application could simply be a port of the Dashboard widget. The widget does a great job with converting many popular units.  Having it on a portable device would be invaluable while traveling in a foreign country.

Native WordPress app

If you watched Steve Jobs unveil the iPhone 2.0 software at WWDC, you’ll remember the demo of Movable Type’s application to blog without opening a browser. Why shouldn’t WP get some of this love? A local application that you could blog on the go with, and even insert iPhone camera snaps would be great. It doesn’t need to have all the admin features of the current panel, just a simple Write/Delete/Comment panel would suffice.

Instant Messaging client

I don’t think it will take a lot of time before one of these pops up. The guys at Adium have already written a blog post about porting Adium to the iPhone, and many of their previous concerns were resolved with the release of the official SDK. Hopefully the ‘app with the duck’ makes its way to the iPhone and I get better at typing with the on screen keyboard.

File browser

iPhones have a minimum of 8 GB flash storage, and the only way to access it directly is to jailbreak your phone. To get around that, I’ve had to email a file to myself, then view it within Mail. Clearly there is a more elegant way of storing files on the phone, and a simple browser could be the best. A network browser would just make me use the application that much quicker.

Keychain storage

Having recently returned from a vacation with my iPod, I can say that an application to store passwords would be fantastic. I don’t even need Safari integration, just something that can securely store passwords so that I can use them on websites from a separate computer. Being able to sync with my Mac would be great, too.  Wallet for the iPhone?

Final Thoughts

So these are just some applications that I hope come out quickly when iPhone 2.0 goes live in July.  What do you think? I hope the SDK and development environment fosters innovation, and that many interesting applications are released right out of the gate.

Update: The App Store now appears to be up and running.
App Store – Link

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