November 30, 2006

Mac file system

Reader Christian Kuttruff sent me an email a few days back after my post, How Does Your Mac Look?

He wanted to know how my file system was organized on my Mac because he was looking for the perfect way to sort his.

My file system is perfectly organized, I know where everything is, and can bring up anything in seconds using then Finder, let’s take a look with a few screenshots of the folders in my home folder.



Here is my home folder. It’s setup the exact same way as the stock Apple configuration, except my custom “Agua” icon-set by David Lanham.


I created folders inside the documents folder that store my main type’s of documents.

- “Blog” holds files that have something to do with this site.

- “iChats” is the folder created by iChat to store chat logs.

- “Magazines” is for such things as the iLounge buyer guides.

- “School” holds all my essays and reports.

- “Serials” is for applications which store their serial in a specific file (such as The Potion Factory apps)

- “Templates” is for cool WordPress themes I come across.

- “The Crate” is a dumping ground where I put files that I have to sort.

- “Work” is where I store work that I have done for magazine’s like Macguide, and sites such as ProBlogger.


The movies folder is quite simple. The Apple folder is used for keynotes and episodes of shows such as ScreenCastsOnline. My Projects is stuff I have worked on in iMovie. Others is just like “The Crate”, but for video content. Revision 3 is a folder for shows like Diggnation and Pixel Perfect, and TV Shows is for just that.


My Music folder is plan simple. With just two folders, GarageBand and iTunes. Most of the stuff I create in GarageBand gets exported to iTunes, and my iTunes library is currently 33GB in size.


In my pictures library, I have three items. My Aperture library where my image library is stored. My iPhoto library, where I store desktop backgrounds and Photo Booth images, and Photo Booth which is required by the application - I clear the Photo Booth folder each week into iPhoto.

Sorry for the lengthy post which didn’t contain too many tips or tricks, but hopefully it will answer a few of the people who have been emailing me about my file system. Until tomorrow, bye!

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