July 7, 2008

For a while now Apple has been trying to go green. They have started making more of their computers aluminum, so that they can be more easily recycled.  If the rumors are correct, then the up and coming Macbook will be all aluminum, adding to the already aluminum Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.


The iPhone is known to contain a few harmful chemicals. Greenpeace has been after Apple to get the chemicals out of the iPhone for our own safety. Brominated compounds make up 10% of the weight of the circuit board, which when burned can create dioxin.  Also found were chlorine and toxic phthalate. The toxic phthalate can interfere with sexual development in mammals. It is a banned chemical in most of Europe, although not in America. The headphones are covered with the hazardous chemical. Hopefully, Apple has taken care of this problem when addressing manufacturing of the iPhone 3G.

Of course, the iPhone is not alone when it comes to harmful chemicals.  However, Apple has made it apparent that they are aware of these issues.  In June of last year, Apple moved its 15″ Macbook Pro to LED back lit screens in an effort to eliminate the use of Mercury.


Macrumors constantly has information about Apple patenting new technologies which promise to make Apple more environmentally friendly. Two examples of such patents are the latest of Apple putting solar cells on their products, or having a chip that can convert heat from a device into electricity.

Steve Jobs has written a list of problems he is going to try to fix. At the moment I don’t think much about the chemicals in any device. I know that there are chemicals all around me and I have grown used to it.  I would however be more comfortable if I knew there was nothing to worry about.


Many of Apple’s products are made of aluminum.  Aluminum, along with polycarbonate and glass (used for Macbook enclosures and iMac display covers) are valued for their highly recyclable qualities.  Using these materials helps to encourage recycling, thus minimizing waste.  As you can see, Apple is trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Or maybe Jonathan Ive likes aluminum…just kidding 🙂

Do you recycle your old computers?  Why? Why not?

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