July 29, 2008

As you may know, speakers inside of laptops are usually quite badly made. It is very hard to make speakers small while retaining sound quality.  When travelling around speakers need to be small, rechargeable or battery powered, and have good sound. I am going to recommend 3 different speakers that I have used. They all have their own strong and weak points.


Quality Sound: Logitech V20

Logitech V20 speakers

Logitech makes speakers with great sound. These speakers are certainly not beauties but they have quality sound. The V20’s connect via USB, defeating the need for a power cord or batteries. They only weigh 1.3 pounds and are compatible with OS X. The lack of cords is good for travelling, but the USB connection cannot provide much power for good bass.  However, they can still get fairly loud. They are quite large for notebook speakers at 6″, but their sound quality is definitely a worthy trade-off. Logitech provides a carrying case as well, which contributes even more to their portability.

Price Tag: $59.99-$79.99

Easy On The Wallet: Nokia MD-4

Nokia MD-4 speakers

Image courtesy of ​WORLDGSMTV

The Nokia MD-4 have a stylish V-shaped design. They produce good quality sound for their size and are very easy to travel with. The speakers need 4 x AAA batteries, which give up to 30 hours. Out of all 3 speakers these are the most portable and can easily be slipped into a pocket.  They also come with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter for use with a broader range of laptops and mp3 players.

Price Tag: $15.99

Mid Range: Philips SBA1500

Philips SBA1500 speakers

These Philips could be some of the best laptop speakers I have ever used. They have a cheap price, sound as good as they look, and would match any Macbook. The speakers get quite loud, although as expected for the size and price the bass is not very good and can get slightly tinny at times. These speakers can be used with an MP3 player as they use a 3.5mm jack.  One downside for these speakers is that they use 3 AAA batteries, and supply 16 to 20 hrs of playback.

Price Tag: $24.99


In the end the Nokia MD-4 are my favourite speakers for sound, price, and style. There are other speakers that are all-in-one and have better sound, but they are usually bigger and not as stylish.

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