February 28, 2007

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I’ll say it right off the mark, I am no gamer, never have been, never will be. I really don’t see the point in playing games, it’s just not me. Last week The Icon Factory released their first Shareware strategy game, Frenzic. At first I passed off the news when I saw it was a game - today, with nothing else to do I was sifting through NewsFire and decided I’d download it to try it out.

Right now, 6 hours later I can say I am officially addicted to Frenzic, it’s one game I wont get tired of playing down to it’s simple game-play, beautiful UI and application design, and online modes leaving you with much to explore.


Learning how to play Frenzic is simple and easy to get the hang of. I was playing the game like a pro (minus the pro..) within minutes of installation.

As colored pie pieces appear in the center, place them in the outer circles to earn points. Pieces can only be placed into circles that have a corresponding open slot. Once all six slots of a circle are filled, the completed pie is cleared from the board. If a piece is not placed before the timer expires, a life is lost.

A quick ten minute stint of this game while staying up late at night working would help keep you awake due to the immensely fast game-play. It’s ideal to keep your mind focused - that’s if addiction doesn’t take over you.

Frenzic offers you a 60 minute game-play demo. After this period, it costs you $14.95 to purchase with unlimited local game-play, and 6 months free use of online play. For $24.95, you receive unlimited local gameplay, and unlimited online play for life.

Check out Frenzic here.

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