July 29, 2006

WWDC is rearing closer as the hours pass, and the speculation is as high as it can go as to what Apple will uncover at the conference. Will Leopard blow our minds with some amazing new features – and will the MacPro blow us right out of the room with it’s speed?

Keep speculating with our first competition, “Guess The MacPro Specs�?. The two people who guess the closest to the real MacPro specifications will walk away with a handful of Mac software each. A handful meaning $116.65!

  • Wallet from Waterfall Software
  • iClip from Inventive Software
  • World Of Where from World Of Worlds Software
  • Menuet from Specere Software
  • AppZapper
  • Awaken from Embraceware Software
  • OnTheJob from Stunt Software

To enter, simple post your guess in the comments. You will be guessing for the top of the line model. The two winners will be announced on the 8th of August after the unveiling of the Intel PowerMac replacement. Include these in your answer along with any other notes you feel are important:

Machine Name: Name
Processor: Name/Value
Stock RAM: Value
Stock HDD: Value
Case change: Yes/No
Stock Video Card: Name/Value
Blue Ray: Yes/No
HD-DVD: Yes/No

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