The Samsung SSD 980

When building a gaming or high-end desktop (HEDT) PC, a crucial component one cannot do without is permanent storage, usually in the form of a hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD). Today, the SSD is fast supplanting the hard drive as the main form of storage media in both laptops and desktops, as SSD storage capacity has increased while prices have come down.

Deciding on the best SSD for your particular PC build is not as difficult a task as choosing some of the other components that make up an HEDT computer. However, there are still some SSD specifications to be aware of before picking an SSD to fit your needs.

In this overview of SSDs, we focus our attention primarily on the latest type of solid-state drive, the M.2 NVMe SSD. We identify the important characteristics to look at when buying this advanced SSD technology, while at the same time, comparing some of the popular SSD choices available on the market today.

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Website content creators often put together new content on a staged copy of their website hosted on a local computer. However, once the new post or page is ready to be published, they often face the challenge of how best to efficiently transfer that content to the live website. One solution to this problem, discussed in a previous article, comes in the form of the Local Sync application from ManageWP. However, Local Sync remains in experimental form and suffers from some serious application-breaking errors.

Another, more developed solution comes in the form of the WordPress plugin WP Migrate DB Pro from Delicious Brains. When set up appropriately, WP Migrate DB Pro can be made to work for publishing the majority of post and page data to a live WordPress website.

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The WordPress migration plugin WP Migrate DB

As alluded to in a previous article about the Local Sync application from ManageWP, website content creators often first put together their content within a staging environment. And only once they are happy with it is the finished post or page pushed to the live website.

One popular type of staging environment consists of a copy of the website hosted on a local computer in the form of a MAMP, XAMPP, or other local web server instance. This local copy is then typically used to refine the new post or page, keeping the unfinished content isolated from the wider internet until it is ready for publication.

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A computer case

One of the last components most people think about when building a computer is the case in which it will reside. That's because one needs to have a general idea of what PC components are going to be used to actually build the PC in order to get a case that fits. However, building a computer cannot really get going without the case so its importance cannot be overstated.

Although the case is the least technical component of any PC build, which may make it appear to be the easiest part to choose, it is more than just a box into which all the other components are placed. There are several things to consider when choosing a PC case, and with the plethora of PC cases out there, this can make the PC case buying decision a difficult one. One of the ways to decide which case is right for you is to establish the criteria, in order of importance, that the new case should conform to.

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Computer PSU

Choosing a power supply for a gaming PC or high-end desktop (HEDT) computer may seem straightforward enough, but modern power supplies today have multiple specifications that need to be carefully checked to ensure compatibility with the computer system under construction. In this article, we examine the important characteristics of a power supply unit (PSU) and demonstrate how to go about choosing the best power supply for your personal computer (PC) building project.

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Youtube logo
Youtube Skip Ads button

Everybody finds Youtube video ads annoying especially if they happen at a crucial moment in the video you are actually trying to watch. If you don’t want to pay for the premium ad-free Youtube subscription, you could try one of several browser extensions that are available which attempt to block Youtube Ads altogether. Unfortunately, all of these extensions only tend to work to varying degrees for varying lengths of time and it is a safe bet to say that none are or remain 100% effective. One of the major reasons for this is that Youtube itself is likely actively trying to prevent such extensions from working properly. After all, Youtube makes its money from showing you ads or from selling you a subscription to go ad-free. As a result, an extension that might be working today may not work tomorrow as an endless game of cat and mouse plays out between Youtube and the ad-blocking browser extension developers.

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WordPress logo on an iPad

One of the ways website creators produce content for their websites is to first use a staging environment to make that content before deploying the finished post or page to a live website. There are a couple of different ways to set up a 'staging' environment. One option is to use a bespoke facility on the webserver that hosts the live website, or alternatively, a 'staging' environment can be hosted locally on one's own 'server' in the form of a MAMP or XAMPP installation on a personal computer.

From an efficiency standpoint, it is usually better to use the bespoke staging environment provided by the live website host as changes can usually be deployed to the live environment relatively easily. However, from a security perspective, having a local copy of one's website that has never been exposed to the internet can be very useful. If a live website is ever compromised with malware and needs to be replaced with a clean copy, the local copy of the web property can often be used to replace the infected one. This makes the troublesome process of searching through an infected website for hidden malware unnecessary, although you still have to work out how the website was hacked in the first place to patch any vulnerability.

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When building a website, one often needs to display data in the form of a table. One very popular (and free!) WordPress plugin that many-a-webmaster uses today is TablePress by Tobias Bäthge.  

TablePress Logo

TablePress is an excellent plugin and in its default configuration can generate tables that often need little or no modification. However, sometimes tables need to be customised to fit the data they are displaying or the website they are being displayed on, and TablePress is often flexible enough to accommodate many of these bespoke needs. 

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Gravity Sketch is an excellent virtual reality 3D sketching and modelling application that continues to be developed apace with new updates to its interface regularly. As a result of this heady momentum, new tools and features are appearing all the time and sometimes it can be a little unclear initially as to how they should be used. One such tool is the first tool in the Gravity Sketch Tool Belt as its layout currently stands: the Normals tool.

The Normals tool in the Gravity Sketch Tool Belt

What is this tool in the Gravity Sketch Tool Belt?

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One of the awesome productivity tools to use in Virtual Reality is the 3D modelling app, Gravity Sketch, which can be used to design all sorts of things right within VR. The user interface on Gravity Sketch is excellent but the app is still very much a 'work-in-progress' so controls and settings are often updated, moved around or adjusted in an effort to optimise usability.

The Gravity Sketch Tool Belt

The Gravity Sketch Tool Belt

One such control interface, the 'Tool Belt', houses specialist tools such as the tape measure and the precise movement tools which are critical when designing objects that are destined for becoming real products. Although Gravity Sketch is not (yet) an app that is ideal for working in CAD or for creating models for 3D printing, the potential is there for the VR interface to be an excellent environment for such designing in the future. And Gravity Sketch's Tool Belt will likely be a critical element as Gravity Sketch moves closer to helping CAD and 3D printer users.

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