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Running is not something that really interests me. I play a lot of sport, but I just find running plain boring. When I saw that the Nike + iPod sports kit was being released in New Zealand, I started reading up about it, and running for points, setting goals, and competing in challenges sounded really cool to me (I’m a big stats guy).

I promptly went out and purchased a new iPod nano, Nike+iPod sports kit, and the stylish Nike+ shoes so I could get into optimal condition for the grueling cricket season ahead. The kit includes a wireless transmitter which plug’s into your iPod nano, and a wireless sensor which you insert into your pair of Nike+ shoes.

When you head out for a run, you connect the wireless transmitter to your iPod nano, put your Nike+ shoes on, choose which workout you wish to complete (basic, distance, time, or calories), set your playlist, and you're off.

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Sometimes people can get too caught up in a GTD mindframe. Each and every task which comes in they will write down on their to-do list, and take the appropriate steps to complete it. However some tasks can be done right away, avoiding stress at a later stage.

For me, if something actionable will take less than 5 minutes to do I will do it right away. The task does not get added to my to-do list. Instead, it gets done as soon as it reaches one of my data collection points, and it doesn’t cause me to procrastinate – which means no stress.

However, some tasks are too large to apply the “Do it and it’s done” method to, which is why I enjoy publishing productivity related posts – to help you manage these larger projects and tasks and get them done in an efficient manner.

Do it and it’s done. The phrase to keep in mind – I recommend you print it out and stick it on the wall behind your workstation.

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I’ll say it right off the mark, I am no gamer, never have been, never will be. I really don’t see the point in playing games, it’s just not me. Last week The Icon Factory released their first Shareware strategy game, Frenzic. At first I passed off the news when I saw it was a game - today, with nothing else to do I was sifting through NewsFire and decided I’d download it to try it out.

Right now, 6 hours later I can say I am officially addicted to Frenzic, it’s one game I wont get tired of playing down to it’s simple game-play, beautiful UI and application design, and online modes leaving you with much to explore.

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Here is the January 2007 edition of my photography shooting stats. I shot a lot of cricket for the first time this month, which makes up the high number of shots I didn’t keep and therefore deleted.

Images Taken: 1,312
Images Kept: 465
HD Space Used: 3.78GB
Average Shots Kept Daily: 15

Shots With 18-55 Lens: 223
Shots With 75-300 Lens: 242
Shots With Other Cams: 0

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Mac file system

Reader Christian Kuttruff sent me an email a few days back after my post, How Does Your Mac Look?

He wanted to know how my file system was organized on my Mac because he was looking for the perfect way to sort his.

My file system is perfectly organized, I know where everything is, and can bring up anything in seconds using then Finder, let’s take a look with a few screenshots of the folders in my home folder.

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Disco, the media burning app with a twist is now available as a public beta.


If you want to purchase it, you might consider doing the today-only offer on macZOT where you’re also entered into a drawing to potentially win one of three LaCie burners.

I have one copy of Disco to give away to a lucky reader, to get into the draw, simply comment on this article with your views on Disco, how you plan to use it, or how you would improve it. Winner will be selected at random on November 1st, so get commenting!

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Dealing with emails can be a nightmare, especially when you have hundreds of unread emails which keep growing by the hour, and dozens of flagged messages which need following-up on. Here’s a few simple actions you can take to clear your inbox.

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WWDC is rearing closer as the hours pass, and the speculation is as high as it can go as to what Apple will uncover at the conference. Will Leopard blow our minds with some amazing new features – and will the MacPro blow us right out of the room with it’s speed?

Keep speculating with our first competition, “Guess The MacPro Specs�?. The two people who guess the closest to the real MacPro specifications will walk away with a handful of Mac software each. A handful meaning $116.65!

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