Review: Reference Tracker

Until now, many assignments have left college students with a pile of books stacked upon their desks; sticky notes popping out to mark places of importance. In the twenty-first century this really shouldn’t be an issue. And now for Mac it isn’t thanks to Reference Tracker by Maklinware. Getting Started Read More

Get Organized with Evernote

Alright, let’s face it. Not everyone has time to use every feature in those GTD applications you see everywhere. Some people don’t even have time to use the basic features! And that’s where Evernote comes in. So What Exactly is Evernote? Evernote is a note-taking application that organizes and syncs Read More

Five Reasons To Use Google Docs

Over the last couple of weeks, I have added a new tool to my writing arsenal. Google Docs. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s Google’s latest attempt to gain space in the Office market. It’s a free web based Office suite entailing a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation Read More

First Look: RapidWeaver 4

Back in 2004, Realmac software released the first version of its popular RapidWeaver web development software.  Since its initial release, it has won many awards from Mac publications all around the globe, and still continues onward with that trend.  Just a couple months ago RapidWeaver 4 hit the streets, and Read More

Rescue Your Time

Ever wanted to know which applications or websites you spend the most time on? Well, look no further. This handy service can help solve your problems. Rescue Time (for Windows and Mac), is one of the simplest, easy to use, online services, helping you see what your biggest time suckers Read More

Keeping Your Life Pure & Simple

Take Away The Unnecessary Keep asking yourself, does this “something” add anything to my life? If you have to think about an answer to the question for more than a few seconds, it doesn’t. Remove it from your life. Throw it away. Clear out the space visually and mentally. There’s Read More

Do It And It’s Done

Sometimes people can get too caught up in a GTD mindframe. Each and every task which comes in they will write down on their to-do list, and take the appropriate steps to complete it. However some tasks can be done right away, avoiding stress at a later stage. For me, Read More

How My File System Is Organized

Reader Christian Kuttruff sent me an email a few days back after my post, How Does Your Mac Look? He wanted to know how my file system was organized on my Mac because he was looking for the perfect way to sort his. My file system is perfectly organized, I Read More

6 Ways To Organize Your Mail Application

Dealing with emails can be a nightmare, especially when you have hundreds of unread emails which keep growing by the hour, and dozens of flagged messages which need following-up on. Here’s a few simple actions you can take to clear your inbox. 6. Mail Checking Change your mail checking preference Read More